25 Reasons

Because she'll always be my college sweetheart.

The only pictures my relatives have seen of our family are on Facebook.

I'm launching my website this month and I need a great professional portrait
to be the cherry on top.

I've already tried to have my husband and best friend take a good picture of me.

We have a wall with years of family portraits, grandparents, great grandparents,and we want our children and grandchildren to have that too.

We'd love to get a family portrait with the baby before all his teeth are in and he'll be running away from us!

I want to have a portrait with my husband to look back on this time in our life.

I'm so proud of him.

My oldest son is going away to college. It was easy to get pictures of the whole family together when they were younger, but we have not had one of all five of us in years. I will be devastated if he moves away and the chance is lost.

It's my secret weapon. I put it on my dating profile.

We weren't sure we'd have kids, and now we have two.

It's summertime, all my family is around, we're more relaxed than during the school year.

Change is why it is good to have one photographer document your milestones.

She won't always be here.

I want a portrait of my kids that’s really good.

Christmas gifts are taken care of!

My family wants a picture with me in it.

He'll only be a puppy once.

I love the portrait of my mother.

If I don't make the time to have it done, who will?

So that I can see him even when he’s far away.

Every time I look at my beautiful girls, they've changed a little bit. Our family photos are so priceless because they're one of those moments frozen in time.

Our family is rarely all together at the same time.

My hair looks good!

I have 4 year old twins, the only kiddos I will ever have and time is in warp speed. Each moment feels a bit bittersweet as I know they won't mispronounce words or try to eat sand for long. Each moment is precious and I want to savor it.